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EAC it's been a turkey surprise working with 3D shapes, mosaic letters and learning about different textures like feathers and paint in art. We are also skill building with learning to handle scissors.

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Mrs. Rozycki’s Classes

  • PAC - learning to use shapes to make faces and working to color inside lines. Turkey fun with feathers and glue.
  • K - Using shapes to create scarecrows. Gluing, cutting, step by step direction following, drawing details.
  • 1st - Learning about holiday luminaries and creating their own out of kiln fire clay. Introduced what a weaving is and began making a loom out of paper.
  • 2nd grade is learning about weaving and how certain colors represent different seasons in art. They are painting two abstract paintings representing two different seasons that will eventually be woven together to create one work of art. American artist Jackson Pollock is our inspiration.
  • 3rd grade has been learning about the art of local Maryland artist Jen Aryani and creating snowy, circular landscapes using watercolor and black markers.
  • 4th grade is near completing their study of proportion and action figure drawing by creating wire sculpture figures with decorative bases to complement their actions. Next up, abstract winter trees.
  • 5th grade has concluded their study radial symmetry and origami and is about to embark on a winter inspired art journey.
  • 6th grade - creating “self” clay sculptures involving favorite hobbies or activities. In between they have begun making wintertime cityscape snow globes involving painting, 3D building drawing, cutting and gluing.

Mrs. Bank’s Classes

  • Pre-K created American Flags while learning stamping and gluing skills, disguised turkeys as tropical birds with colorful feathers, and practiced coloring inside the lines.
  • Kindergarten finished their feathered owls, enjoyed art centers, learned about 3D shapes and practiced making them with modeling clay, and created owl pictures with a math and drawing game.
  • 1st grade is learning all about weaving and created beautiful mats with colors representing family members.
  • 2nd grade is reviewing weaving and how certain colors represent different seasons in art. They are creating abstract paintings representing seasons that will be woven into a mat.
  • 3rd grade wrapped up their oil pastel cake drawings and are now creating paper food collages that represent their favorite foods from their culture.
  • 4th grade created cornucopia watercolors and are now being architects by creating digital designs of accessible community buildings for the future.
  • 5th grade is working on a paper collaged mini book about a journey they took, inspired by Harlem Renaissance artist Jacob Lawrence.
  • 6th grade is wrapping up their work on their paper collaged accordion book that tells the story of their past, present, and possible future.

Donation Request: Mrs. Rozycki’s art room needs disinfecting wipes and tissues – donations would be greatly appreciated! Mrs. Bank’s room would very much appreciate packs of baby wipes to help keep hands clean when the sinks are busy, and multi-colored packs of sharpies for future projects. The art teachers are also in need of helpers to help hang and take down artwork and preparing art supplies.  If you are interested in volunteering, please Mrs. Rozycki at at: @email or Mrs. Bank at: @email. Thank you!

Music - Ms. Laird and Ms. Tien

Students in grades K-6 are continuing to learn and practice new rhythmic and melodic skills. In December, each grade level will use movement, form analysis, storytelling, and critical listening to analyze a different piece of classical music. These critical listening skills can be applied to many genres and styles of music.

Physical Education with Ms. Barber and Mr. Magagnoli

All students in Preschool through 6th grade are finishing up our gymnastics unit. Students in grades 4th, 5th, & 6th will be recording their gymnastics routine using Flipgrid! We are very excited to see the routines that they have created. 

Dribble, Pass, Shoot! Our basketball unit will be next, and we are excited to practice ball handling skills with all our students. 6th grade will have a tournament style unit and will practice working cooperatively as a team to earn points. The teams with the highest points will be able to play the faculty in a basketball game and skills challenges.


Band and Strings

6th grade Fine Arts Field Trip

I’m excited to share… the Hayfield Secondary Band, Orchestra and Choir invites all 6th grade musicians in feeder elementary schools to take part in the 6th grade Hawk Music Fest at Hayfield Secondary school. This event offers students the chance to play concert music with their peers from all over the Hayfield pyramid. Through their participation, students will become familiar with the middle school music facilities, the band, orchestra, and choir directors, and make friends from other schools. This trip is designed to aid in their transition from elementary to middle school music program! The event will take place on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, from 9:15am to 1:30pm. More detailed information will follow soon.

Band News

Classes are going well and has been very exciting to see all the band members make progress on their instrument!

All the beginners have learned how to open their cases, hold their instrument, learned where to place their fingers and how to play the first 5 notes!! We are continuously working on learning how to read the 5 notes on the music staff and how to cleanly move from one note to the other.

Advanced band members are continuously reviewing skills taught to them last year. We are reading concert music and applying new skills taught to the students through reading the concert music. We are learning how to apply different techniques to make the music come “alive” more.

Karate Belt/Ring of Colors: All band students are offered the opportunity to participate in this activity. Each student was given a list of pieces that represent a specific bead color and are awarded the colored bead when they play me the piece. They can always record me their pieces if they want to move ahead or play from home. This activity is not required but is encouraged. This activity is not a competition, but more of a personal achievement. A lot of the pieces that represent colors that overlap with weekly assignments.

Band Schoology: Students should be looking at the Band Schoology if they are absent from class or just to look at what I’ve posted. I’ve posted Assignment Sheets of what took place in class for students to see what they’ve missed. I’ve also put recordings of concert music for advanced band members. I’ve also put some useful information on how to work more on reading notes on the staff.

Strings News

4th grade:  We have been learning how to correctly play and name all of the 8 notes of the D scale while plucking the string to make the sound.  They have been working on Sticker Challenge songs using these notes.  Students should be able to play at least FOUR songs that are recognizable to you.  I am hoping to have students playing with their bows before winter break!

5th grade:  We have been working on getting better at our ensemble skills, learning how different harmonies fit together and getting better about playing in tune together.  We are working hard to record a piece or two before winter break to send to families.

6th grade Advanced:  We have been working on harder rhythms and learning some new styles and techniques.  We are working hard to record a piece or two before winter break to send to families.

6th grade Beginners:  We are working on learning how to identify notes in the music.  Students have been learning how to make good sounds with their bows, as well as getting better at playing the notes and rhythms we are reading.  Students will begin a new Sticker challenge and a Note Reading Challenge. 

Band/Strings Homework

Students are sent home each week with a list of assignments they should be improving upon in their at-home practice.  We expect students to show that they have worked on the material at home so they can be a contributing member to the Band or Strings team!  Please encourage your child to practice 10-15 minutes each day on the assignments that are given.


Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Students will learn about gratitude and why it is important to be grateful.  PositivePsychology.com lists the following benefits of gratitude: improves physical heath, improves sleep, improves psychological health, increases empathy, reduces aggression, increases social connection, enhances self-esteem, improves mental strength. 

Please consider the following fun family activity from the Ultimate Mindfulness Activity Book. By Christian Bergstrom. 

Gratitude Jar

Grades K, 1, 2

Students will learn about personal space – the amount of space one needs to be comfortable.  Personal space is a concept that is difficult for some people of all ages to grasp as it is varies depending upon individual factors and circumstances.  For a person to be at their best in any situation, they must have an adequate amount of personal space.