Island Creek Elementary School welcomes volunteers, including parents, community members, and high school students. Volunteers provide a valuable resource of assistance at the school. Opportunities include tutoring, mentoring, assisting in the library, and many critical, behind the scenes tasks. Access the FCPS Volunteer Opportunities webpage to learn more about volunteering at FCPS. 

If you, or someone you know is interested in this valuable community service opportunity, please contact the school. You may volunteer at any time during the school year.

Individuals who are interested in volunteering at Island Creek Elementary are required to view the Island Creek Volunteer Procedure and Logistics presentation and submit a volunteer registration form available at the end of the presentation.

Background checks are required for certain volunteers and FCPS will cover the cost of the background check.  If you volunteer at multiple locations, you will only need to have your background check conducted once and the volunteer badge will be good at all FCPS locations. The Volunteer in FCPS webpage provides information about the FCPS background check procedures.

There is a separate screening and application process for mentors. View a full description of the FCPS mentoring program and onboarding process at the FCPS Mentor webpage. 

Listed below are examples of the types of volunteers who need to have a background check:

  • Parents/guardians who volunteer at the school on a regular, scheduled basis
  • Extended family members who are not parents or guardians of a current FCPS student (i.e., aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents)
  • Former FCPS employees or students
  • Non-parent/guardian volunteers
  • Any volunteer whom the principal/program manager requests – regardless of status or affiliation with FCPS

Volunteers who meet the criteria for a background check must go through the process or will not be able to volunteer with FCPS.

The following individuals do not need a background check to volunteer:

  • Parents or guardians who have children currently enrolled in FCPS and volunteer occasionally or volunteer for one-time school events (i.e., field days, field trips that do not require an overnight stay, specific classroom events)
  • Current FCPS employees or students who serve as volunteers
  • School Age Child Care (SACC) employees
  • Current law enforcement officers

*In some cases, parents have volunteered at school but brought a sibling of a student with them. Fairfax County’s Risk Management strongly recommends against this practice. It can be disruptive to the learning environment and the parent volunteer must focus on the sibling along with the work they are here to perform.  We ask that you please don’t bring siblings when volunteering.