Telephone/Email Messages

Neither teachers nor students will be called from their classrooms except in cases of emergency. To encourage parent-teacher communication, teachers will provide parents their individual email address and voice mailbox number.  In the event that a musical instrument or lunch is left at home, a parent may drop it off in the office. It is the child’s responsibility to check in the office for the item. The office cannot interrupt instruction by calling the student’s classroom. Students are permitted to use the telephone only when it appears essential for health and safety reasons.  It is important to preserve instructional time, so we ask you to follow these guidelines:

  • Make your “before or after” school plans prior to the a.m. arrival or p.m. departure.  

  • Forgotten items may be dropped off in the office and a note will be placed in the teacher’s box.

  • Doctor’s appointments should be scheduled, when possible, after school hours.  If not possible, please send a note to the teacher.