Fairfax County Public Schools provides bus service for all elementary pupils living more than one mile from school unless walking conditions are hazardous.  

Bus Conduct

FCPS bus transportation is an extension of the school day, and the same student behavior standards that apply in the classroom apply on the bus and at the bus stop.  Riders are expected to respect the driver’s authority, remain in their seats, keep their hands to themselves and their voices low, keep the aisles clear, and generally behave in a way that contributes to a safe, pleasant trip to and from school.  A driver may report a student’s misconduct to the principal for discipline, and in serious situations, bus privileges may be taken away.  See Standards of Conduct for Students Riding School Buses for details. 

*FCPS requires that all kindergarteners must be met at the bus stop by a parent, parent designee, guardian or a responsible middle school age or older sibling.

School Bus/Child Care Bus Riders

  • Kindergartners walked to buses by teachers/instructional assistants/safety patrols.
  • First graders walked to buses by safety patrols.
  • Grade 2-6 students participate in silent dismissal process (via television) from classroom to bus loop.
  • Staff Staff will be on duty to supervise the process.

Kiss-N-Ride (get all the details)

  • Participating students dismissed to Kiss-N-Ride area. Kindergarten is walked out by Kindergarten assistants.
  • Parents enter loop, stay in car and display your numbered hang tag on the rearview mirror.
  • Safety Patrols and staff members are on duty and  assist students into cars.

Here Comes the Bus

Know when your bus is approaching your stop!