Delayed Opening / Early Closing

Inclement weather (snow, extreme heat, etc.), may result in school closing, delayed opening, or early dismissal.  These decisions are made on a county-wide basis.  

Due to the speed of updating, the official @FCPSnews Twitter account (with blue checkmark) is generally the first and fastest mode of communication. Other communication channels will be updated as quickly as possible including email, text, website, other social media, and news stations. Please be aware, due to the large volume of emails sent there will likely be a lag between the FCPS Twitter alert and receipt of an email in your inbox.    

Parents and students are urged not to call Island Creek Elementary for this information.  Families are strongly encouraged to sign up for “News You Choose” Please click this link for more information.  In addition, be sure your emergency care form is up to date, which can be accessed through the Parent SIS (Student Information System) account, which enables parents to manage student information. Please click this link for more information.


FCPS Weather Cancellation Procedures