Cafeteria and Food Services


Breakfast is served from 8:20 – 8:30 daily.

Lunch Offerings

All students must have a lunch.  Students are encouraged to bring or buy well balanced nutritious meals every day. Nutritious lunches are available in the cafeteria daily.  We ask that you do not bring/send outside fast food in for your student. For menus and costs please refer to the Office of Food and Nutrition Services

Milk is served with each lunch or may be purchased separately.  Students may also purchase ice cream, pretzels, juice, and cookies, but not in place of lunch.

Special Diet Requests

Any parent requesting a physician prescribed diet should contact the Public Health Nurse that supports our school (See Health Room), who will coordinate with the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in the Central Office. The school nurse or health aide will give the manager the current list of students with requested food allergies such as milk. The manager will flag these students on the terminal. 

When students do not have lunch or lunch money

If there are 4 lunches or below on a student’s meal card, or if a student’s lunch account drops below $8.00, a “Keep In Touch” message is sent from food services, via phone and email alerting parents that their student’s account is low on funds.

DAY 1-5  without lunch money…

The student will receive lunch and the cost of that lunch will be deducted from the Principal’s Account.  A “Keep in Touch” message will be sent, alerting parents that their student’s account does not have any money. The student's cafeteria account balance will go to a negative amount. Later, when a repayment is applied to the student’s account, the account balance will be adjusted accordingly.

Negative Lunch Balances

Student negative balances from the previous school year are carried over to the new school year. If a student attempts to purchase a lunch during the first week of school without money on their cafeteria account, the student will be allowed to keep the lunch for all five (5) days. After five (5) days without money, the school’s policy for students without lunch money will go into effect. The negative account balance and repayment process applies.

Free and Reduced Lunch

Free and reduced-price meal applications are mailed to all households each August. If you do not receive an application in the mail or if you experience an income or household size change, an application is available at your local school, or by contacting Food and Nutrition Services at 703-813-4800 or 703-813-4844 or at the following link:  Application for Free and Reduced Price Meals. All applications need to be renewed every year.  Time is critical. Please submit early in the school year.

Students who qualify for free or reduced-price meals receive breakfast and lunch at no cost. Food and Nutrition Services will absorb these costs.