Kiss and Ride/Car Riders

As always, the safety of our students is a top priority.  We are continually reviewing and assessing procedures and policies to ensure safety at Kiss and Ride.  Please remember the following:

  • “Kiss and Ride” runs from 8:50-9:00.  

  • While we understand the stress and concerns of morning routines, we ask that all families and community members respect traffic laws around the school and be understanding of each other as our students are transported to and from school.  We appreciate your support of our efforts to ensure the safety of all our students.

Morning Drop-Off

  • Kiss and Ride starts at 8:50 and ends at 9:00.  Students are not allowed to be dropped off prior to 8:50. The school does not provide before or after school supervision.  Please make sure there is an adult outside before you drop your students off in the morning.

  • Students can only be dropped between the two orange cones placed at either end of the Kiss and Ride area.  Do not drop children off until you have reached the designated area.

  • Although every effort is made by patrols and teachers to open the car door for your child, children are allowed to get out of cars themselves—as long as a teacher is present in the Kiss and Ride area.

  • Please do not pass cars in the Kiss and Ride line or get out of the car.  

  • If you need to have a discussion with an adult, please reach out to them via email. Discussions at Kiss and Ride hold up the Kiss and Ride line.

  • You will notice red cones guiding a right hand only exit from the “Kiss and Ride” lot. The purpose of the cones is to restrict vehicles from making left hand turns from the “Kiss and Ride” driveway onto southbound Morning View Lane.

  • Kiss and Ride will be closed at 9:00, after this time, parents will need to bring their student(s) to door 1. Ring the bell and a staff member will come out to retrieve your student(s). 

Afternoon Pick-Up

  • Please write your child’s FIRST NAME, LAST NAME and TEACHER'S NAME in big letters on an 8X10 piece of paper and place it on the dashboard of your car. 

  • You will be motioned to pull all the way to the end of the line for pickup.  Your child will be called over to stand behind the patrol. After the patrol sees you have come to a complete stop, he/she will open the door and assist your child into the car.

  • If your child is not outside when you arrive, you will need to drive around and re-enter the Kiss and Ride line.

  • Please do not get out of your car.

  • Remember, if your child is a walker, they should be coming out of the front door (Door #1). Please remind your student(s) to stay on the sidewalk and to go straight home.

Special Note:  The bus parking lot will be closed from 8:45-9:10 am and from 3:25-3:45 pm.  Cars will not be allowed to enter or exit the lot during these times. We recommend that you utilize “Kiss and Ride” to pick up your student or that you park on Morning View Lane if you need to come into the school during these times.  

Please refer to the diagram below for additional guidance:

We appreciate your support of our efforts to ensure the safety of all of our students.  

P.S.  Thank you for always maintaining a slow and safe speed in the “Kiss and Ride” lane and parking lot.

P.P.S.  Thank you for always making sure your child’s seat belt is fastened.