In an effort to promote physical fitness and develop a sense of independence, parents of our students may wish to have their child ride a bicycle to school.

The decision of whether a student is capable of riding their bicycle to school is left up to the parent.  Parents should consider;

  • Their child’s age, maturity level, and physical condition.

  • Has the child demonstrated proficiency riding a bike?

  • Determine the riding route to school.  They should also discuss alternate routes in the event the primary route is inaccessible.

In the interest of student safety and age responsibility, we maintain the following school policy.

  • All bicycle riders are asked to walk their bicycles across all streets leading to Island Creek and on Island Creek school property.

  • Bicycles are to be locked to the bike racks located in the front of the school.  (Bikes should not be locked to trees, fences, or light poles).  Bicycles should not be left unlocked when unattended as FCPS does not take responsibility for student’s personal property.

  • Helmets are required at all times while students ride their bicycles.  

If the student does ride a bicycle to school, they should consider the following guidelines:

  • Students should ride their bicycle on the sidewalk when available.  Stay to the right side of the sidewalk and watch for pedestrians.

  • In the absence of sidewalks, ride as far to the right side of the road as possible, going with the flow of traffic.

  • When traveling in groups, ride in single file.

  • Wear a UL listed bicycle helmet.  This is required by law for students 16 years of age and younger.

  • Obey traffic laws.  Bicyclists should stop at stop signs, red traffic signals, etc.

  • Obey instructions of police officers, crossing guards, and safety patrols.

  • Use hand signals so that other bicyclists and motor vehicle operators know your intentions.

  • Utilize proper safety equipment

    • Horn or bell

    • Headlight or reflectors

    • Light colored or reflective clothing

We ask that students not use scooters/skateboards, roller blades/skates, or Heelys on school grounds and that they not be kept at school during the day.