Bring Your Own Device

Students at Island Creek Elementary School are encouraged to bring a personally owned computing device to school to support their learning. We are very excited about how this will change learning in the classroom and present opportunities to improve communication, collaboration, and creative learning amongst our students.

Approved devices include laptops, tablets, smart phones, and eReaders.

All students will be bound by the FCPS Student Rights and Responsibilities, FCPS Acceptable Use Policy, and Hayfield Pyramid Personal Device Policy. Use of personal devices at Island Creek ES is a privilege and can be revoked if these policies are violated.

Some items to be aware of:

• All use of personal devices should be to support student learning and it will be at the discretion of the teacher as to when and how devices will be permitted.

• Personal texting, phone calls, and other communications will NOT be permitted during school hours. Phones must be silenced and in backpacks for the duration of the school day. They may be utilized on campus only before and after school. Teachers may allow usage of cell phones for instructional activities where they are the most appropriate tool, such as video creation or QR Code activities.

• Students can only access the FCPSonboard network to connect to internet. Connecting via personal data plans is not permitted.

• Fairfax County Public Schools and Island Creek ES are not responsible for any device or data loss, theft, damage or other associated costs of replacement or repair incurred during the school day. Please know this personal device initiative merely allows devices to be used at school. At no time will students be required to purchase or bring in devices. The decision of whether or not to send a device to school with your child is a family decision.