Individual teachers provide a “break” or “recess” for the class.  Each class has a scheduled outdoor recess time Monday through Friday.  Children should be dressed with appropriate clothing and shoes (tennis shoes) for active outdoor play each day.  


We often have to consider a number of factors related to student activity outdoors during cold weather. Common sense requires us to look beyond a specific temperature and consider factors such as wind chill, whether the ground is frozen or the sun is shining, how well the children are prepared to play outdoors (jackets, gloves, and hats), what activity the children are participating in, and the length of time to be spent outside.

It is the intention of the school to hold recess during cold spells and parents should have their children prepared to play outdoors (jackets, gloves, and hats) as this decision is made by the school each day. During a NWS Wind Chill Advisory, recess will be limited to no more than fifteen (15) minutes for any outdoor activity. During a NWS Wind Chill Warning, we will hold indoor recess.

Outdoor activity includes; general and physical education classes, recess, and scheduled fire drills. This does not include students walking to and from school, students waiting at bus stops, student patrols or staff related outdoor duties before, during, or after the school day.