Cell Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Other Portable Devices

FCPS is committed to assisting students and staff members in creating a 21st century learning environment. To support this progress, with classroom teacher approval, students may use their personal devices during the approved time allowed per school level (smartphones, laptops, netbooks, tablets, etc.) to access the Internet and collaborate with other students during the designated time per grade level as documented in 2601.36P. FCPS is not responsible for loss or damage of students’ devices.  

Elementary school Kindergarten-sixth grade (including sixth grade at middle schools)

Phones must be silenced and in backpacks for the duration of the school day. Watches that serve a dual purpose (e.g., smart watch) may be worn; however, phone features (e.g., texting, Internet, calls, etc.) are to be off when phone use is prohibited. Students are prohibited from using phones, tablets, and other mobile devices in restrooms and locker rooms, unless there is a medical necessity or emergency. Teachers may allow usage of cell phones for instructional activities where they are the most appropriate tool, however one-to-one FCPS devices should meet most needs. Cell phones maybe used on campus only before and after school

Parent/guardians, multi-disciplinary team members, or other persons with knowledge of students who require access to personally owned devices as an accommodation shall make requests for such accommodations through their respective multi-disciplinary team [i.e., 504 Committee, IEP Team, English Language Committee, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Team].