Emergency Care Information Form

Current and complete information on the Emergency Care Information Form is essential for contacting parents in emergency situations.  Parents are expected to update any changes to the emergency care form for each child in the beginning of the year and whenever information changes throughout the year. 

This information helps locate the parent in the event of an illness or emergency.  Hospitals and private doctors will not give emergency medication or treatment, or perform any kind of surgery except when the parent or guardian is present.

Phone numbers are needed of friends, relatives, or neighbors who will know where you are for emergency calls and who may pick up your child when he/she feels ill and you are not at home.  IN AN EMERGENCY, ONLY PEOPLE NAMED ON THE EMERGENCY CARE CARD WILL BE PERMITTED TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD SHOULD YOU NOT BE AVAILABLE.

Parents are able to use SIS ParentVUE to verify and update their student’s emergency contacts, phone numbers, and health conditions. For assistance obtaining a new or replacement activation key, please contact the school office.

  • Parents who do not have a SIS ParentVUE account continue to have the option to communicate updates to their student’s school via the normal paper process. 
  • Parents will only need to update their child's emergency information online using ParentVue or use the standard paper version, it will not be necessary to complete both.
  • Parents who need a pre-populated form with student information printed during the summer can contact their school for support.