The Island Creek Elementary School Community is committed to academic achievement by building a cooperative, safe, and challenging learning environment. We embrace a school-wide education program, Crocs' Creed, which focuses on teaching and encouraging valued character qualities. The "Croc Stock" Awards Program teaches students to link desired behaviors to our valued character qualities. This program recognizes students for demonstrating the character traits that lead to good personal decision making.

Croc Stock Qualities

Island Creek will emphasize and reward the following qualities:







Croc Stock Certificates

A stockholder is a person who has purchased stock within a company. We want our children to have a share in what we produce: intelligent and caring children who will incorporate education and good character qualities into every decision they make.

10 croc stock = 1 certificate

2 certificates = 1 ribbon

2 ribbons = 1 citizenship pin

Certificates earned will encourage your child to continue to work hard in reaching the behavioral expectations at his or her grade level, and recognize the behaviors that represent our values. The more stock your child earns, the more invested he or she is in our product: Learning. Learning to be a good citizen is a critical goal of Island Creek Elementary.

Croc Stock Certificate

Parental Support Is the Key to Success

Parent awareness and support of these efforts makes a difference. It helps to make our program meaningful and relevant for our school. Show your child that you are proud they earned a croc stock.