Specialist's Corner


Art - Mrs. Rozycki and Mrs. Bank



New Year, New Art for the Art Department! Ask your ICES artist which projects they have been working on in their art studio!

PAC has been creating New Year 2023 stamp art, cut paper mosaics and worked on “parts of a picture”, while Pre-K has been cutting, gluing, creating scribble monsters, and ripped paper faces. EAC has created construction paper Swedish horses and cardinals while working on their cutting, gluing and coloring skills. 1st grade has worked on painting techniques and warm colors creating penguins, gnomes, and “happy hearts” inspired by street artist Chris Uphues. 2nd grade has learned about how color choices can define seasons in art and that that learning to weave seasons together can be challenging but fun. Third grade is learning about paper collage, patterns in art, Australian Aboriginal style art, and some are completing their clay animal vessel projects. 4th grade has been creating digital art, Virginia oil pastel landscapes, completing proportion 3D human figure sculptures, and learning about stained glass by creating faux stained glass evergreen trees with chalk pastel and liquid glue. 5th and 6th grade have been learning about pop art and Brazilian artist Romero Britto and creating winter snowmen. 5th grade, in addition have completed their journey collages, started winter silhouette paintings, and have been inspired by the work of local Maryland artist Jen Aryani by creating winter landscape watercolor drawings. They now are being introduced to making clay gargoyles to complement their upcoming medieval studies. 6th grade completed gingerbread house drawings with kinetic features, “Who am I” collage books, and are also completing self-interest clay sculptures and cityscape snow globes.

We are excited to announce that during the month of February, some of our Island Creek artists are being featured at the Kingstowne Library. Please come out and enjoy the pop-up art show! Coming soon, we will be featuring artwork from every student in our school-wide “Artists and Authors” event. If you are interested in helping hang artwork for this special event, please email Mrs. Rozycki at @email to be added to the volunteer list. We need many hands to help with this endeavor!

As always, we need Clorox wipes and tissue boxes in the art room. Mrs. Bank’s room specifically needs baby wipes as well – she has limited sinks for handwashing. It gets messy in the art room! Please considering donating. We are very appreciative!

Music - Ms. Laird and Ms. Tien

February is Black History Month, and in the music room, students will be discovering a variety of musical genres to which African Americans have had a great influence: game songs, jazz, spirituals and protest songs, contemporary music, and even classical music. Students will also be applying the melodic and rhythmic concepts they are mastering to playing musical instruments.  

Physical Education - Ms. Barber and Mr. Magagnoli

Phys EdPhys EdPhys EdPhys Ed

The 3rd Quarter ended with a fun school wide assembly and students having the opportunity to learn Tae Kwon Do in PE! Master Cung, Master Matt, and Mr. Dante from Elite M.A. Center worked with students in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade on Tae Kwon Do skills. It was a wonderful new opportunity for students to learn and practice these skills. There are FREE certificates for students to pick up in the front office that has a free month of Tae Kwon Do classes at Elite M.A. Center and a free uniform! 

DANCE, DANCE, DANCE! In PE we are starting our dance unit! Students in Pre-school through 3rd grade are learning a dance routine that is specific to their grade level. Make sure to ask your child what dance they are learning! Students in grades 4th, 5th, 6th are working in cooperative dance groups to choreograph and perform a routine to a specific song. We will create a mashup of performers in these grades to showcase their creative and fun dance routines!

Band and Strings - Mrs. Hicks and Ms. Creque

Congratulations to all the 6th grade band and strings students for participating in the daytime field trip and evening concert. The field trip combined over 200 students from all over the Hayfield pyramid Island Creek students were the best! Their behavior and preparedness were amazing!  It was so much fun to see what the students are able to do in a short amount of time!  

Middle school next year: We hope all 6th grade Band and Strings students are going to sign up for 7th grade band and orchestra next year. When signing up for band or orchestra class, all 6th grade students should sign up for Intermediate Band/Orchestra and all percussion students should sign up for Percussion Class. If you have any questions, you can email Mr. Clifford, Hayfield Middle School Band Director at @email or Mrs. Shelfo, Hayfield Middle School Orchestra Director at @email.


The Spring BAND Concert will be held here at Island Creek Elementary on Wednesday, May 24th at 6:30pm! The Spring STRINGS concert will be held at Island Creek on Thursday, June 1st, at 6:30 pm!

Band News

Classes continue to go well and has been exciting to see all the band members make progress on their instrument!

All the beginners are learning new notes, beyond the first 5 notes. We are also working on tone and more advanced rhythms. We continue to learn how to identify notes on the music staff as well. The beginners are also learning new music from the skills we have learned from the method book, that we will prepare for our Spring Concert. Please make sure your child continues to practice throughout the week.

Advanced band members are continuously reviewing skills taught to them last year. We are reading concert music and applying new skills taught to the students through reading the concert music. We are learning how to apply different techniques to make the music come “alive” more. We will continue to learn how to play major scales and how to gain better sight-reading skills. 

Karate Belt/Ring of Colors: All band students are offered the opportunity to participate in this activity. Each student was given a list of pieces that represent a specific bead color and are awarded the colored bead when they play me the piece. They can always record me their pieces if they want to move ahead or play from home. This activity is not required but is encouraged. This activity is not a competition, but more of a personal achievement. A lot of the pieces that represent colors that overlap with weekly assignments.

Band Schoology: Students should be looking at the Band Schoology if they are absent from class or just to look at what I have posted. I have posted Assignment Sheets of what took place in class for students to see what they have missed. I have also put recordings of concert music for advanced band members. I have also put some useful information on how to work more on reading notes on the staff

Strings News

4th grade:  We are continuing to use our bows and have started learning how to read musical notes!  Please check out Schoology for some helpful instructional videos to help your child as they navigate the new lovely sounds they are making, as well as some resources for reading music.  We have started a new ribbon challenge for learning songs with musical notes and will soon begin a Note Reading challenge!

5th and 6th grade:  We have begun working on spring concert music!  Please encourage your child to practice regularly so they can learn the music along with the rest of the class so they don’t fall behind.  Have them check out Schoology for the recordings of their pieces so they can play along with the other instruments when they practice. 

Band/Strings Homework

Students are sent home each week with a list of assignments they should be improving upon in their at-home practice.  We expect students to show that they have worked on the material at home so they can be a contributing member to the Band or Strings team!  Please encourage your child to practice 10-15 minutes each day on the assignments that are given.