Birthday Treats/Parties

Class Parties

Classes may celebrate three class parties during the year.  Seasons and dates of parties are at the discretion of the teacher.  Class parties will not be celebrated with treats from outside the school.

Balloons, Flowers and Other Deliveries

In order to limit disruption of instructional time, favors and/or balloons are not permitted since they create a distraction, not only for the recipient’s class, but also for other classes in the building.  We also request that flowers and balloons not be delivered to students during school hours. In the best interest of our entire student body, we ask that all private party invitations be handled outside of school time and not distributed at school.

Birthday Treats

In lieu of sending in birthday treats, we encourage families that wish to celebrate their student's special day, do so by purchasing a book of their choice which will be stamped with their student's name and donated in celebration to our school library. The teacher can share the book with the class before it makes its way to the library.

For birthday book donations, the library has created a wish list of 150+ books that fit our book selection criteria, including meaningful picture books, books that support our curricula, and in-demand student favorites such as books in the popular Dog Man series.  Island Creek Library Birthday Book List Books to be donated do not have to be purchased through Amazon.  Books purchased through the Amazon wish list itself will be delivered directly to the Island Creek library.  Be sure to include the full student name and teacher name on the gift receipt. 

When donating a birthday book to the library, pleaseBook plate complete this form so Ms. Keaney can create the bookplate to be placed inside the book.  Please note the library cannot accept birthday book donations of used books or books that do not fit our selection criteria.  Please email Ms. Keaney at @email if you have any questions or a suggestion of a book not on the list.  Thank you for considering a book to add to our collection!